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Another New Year

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

2022 has come to a close and we are charging headfirst into 2023 whether we want to or not. The typical question we ask one another at the beginning of every year is what our new year's resolutions are. We look back on the inadequacies of the past year and see that change needs to happen. Somehow, the calendar dictates our decisions and determines that we are only to make changes at the beginning of a new year. As we do, we are going to change our lives and we set astronomical goals in an attempt to fix ourselves and then set out on a path with our very high expectations. However, as we often do, we skip days of working out, dieting, or reading and settle for our comfortable dysfunction knowing that it is the beginning of the year and we have so much time to accomplish what we set out to do. The year goes on, and either from the distractions of life or because we set our expectations too high, we abandon our resolutions altogether.

What does this prove? This shows us two things, the first is that we are absolutely terrible at fixing ourselves, the second is that we procrastinate when making changes in our lives. We live our lives out every day fooling ourselves that we have our inadequacies under control, or we make excuses for them and never address them. We fool ourselves through the fixes of life: drugs, money, relationships, career, family, self-help books, philosophy, or just trying harder to be better. The list goes on. We wait yet another year to decide that we need to make changes in our lives and repeat the cycle yet again.

Let's face it, we find ourselves often trying our hardest to control what we can't control, and we procrastinate and put off not only what we are able to control but what we are required to do.

With this knowledge that you and I are terrible managers of our own lives, what can we do about it? We must get to the point where we have had enough and fire ourselves as managers of our own lives. Think about it, if you and I managed a company the way we managed our own lives, we would be fired and a better manager would be hired in our place, otherwise the company would crash and burn. And we do crash and burn many times. At the very least, look at our continuously failed new year's resolutions.

Rather than setting more soon to be failed new year's resolutions and living in even more shattered expectations, let us do something different that we may never have done. Let us seek out a different manager -- God . Let us knock on His door and ask Him to show us why He might be a better candidate to managing our lives than we are. At the very least, if we are not convinced, let us interview Him and allow Him to prove Himself and show us His qualifications for the job. After all, doing the same things over and over expecting different results is definition of insanity, so what do we have to lose? Rather than going down the same path we always do, let us ask Him to show us a different way. If we have had enough of our poor management and are serious about changing the state of our lives, God, the perfect manager will take on the job of fixing our lives. He is an expert at it.

Happy New Year!!

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