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Welcome to Face Your Faith. This space has been specifically designed to help you challenge your faith and grow deeply in your relationship with God in ways you may have never done before.

Each Biblical topic is designed to Challenge Your Faith in new ways, and inspire you to not only grow personally, but gain a rich understanding of God's Word to live fearlessly in your faith.

Most Christians are not well equipped, if equipped at all, to clearly tell others what they believe or articulate their world view. Why? Most likely your church is not training you to be the knowledgeable ambassador God expects each of us to be. Does that mean you need a church loaded with theology? By no means. God did not ask for a world of theologians, just someone who is completely and freely in love with Him and ready to grow and work. So what should you do? I encourage you to Face Your Faith, fearlessly! Take a good look at what you might be missing to serve God in ways you never believed you could, and grow in ways you never have. Learn how to stand in peace and unashamed in this world for God.

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Judging Others • Face Your Faith

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This week our topic is on ANXIETY. And whether you think this is a tough subject, good subject, scary subject, or a subject that is irrelevant to you, anxiety is a part of everyones life to some degree at one time or another. 

So where are you right this second as we are diving into this very serious, very real, very debilitating and very painful world? As I mentioned in the beginning, everyone has or will be effected at some point in their lives by anxiety, but it is to what extent you do battle with it that becomes the hot button for us. 

While I am going to focus this topic entirely on how God desires us to deal with our anxious lives, it is important to know when to seek professional help and not be afraid.


Facing Anxiety • Face Your Faithby West Kenyon
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Amazing Grace • Face Your Faith 2by West Kenyon
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The Resolution • Face Your Faithby West Kenyon
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It's Over • Face Your Faithby West Kenyon
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